• About Prodigy Labs


“We are committed to providing the maximum value to our clients through our unique  innovation model and agile partnership capabilities.”

Tom Beckerman, Founder & CEO

Who we are

Prodigy Labs is the enterprise services business of Prodigy Ventures. Prodigy Labs provides enterprise clients with services ranging from architecture and design, to development, test, and implementation of emerging technologies. We leverage best business practices, such as Agile, to drive digital transformation. At our core, we are smart, committed professionals that love to help clients succeed in getting value from the latest technologies.

Our Team

Tom Beckerman, Founder and CEO

Brilliant mind, entrepreneur, visionary

Jeff Watts, President

Business builder, driver, leader

Andrew Hilton, CFO and Corporate Secretary

CPA with a personality

    Andrew Kieran, Vice President

    Deep, smart, trusted client-side leader

    Pierre Roberge, CTO & SVP Solutions and Innovation

    Brilliant doer

    Madhu Vajpey, Sales Director

    Value creator, client focused

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