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Prodigy Labs provides enterprise clients with technology services to enable faster digital transformation. Our experienced professionals work on-site and in partnership, to provide the critical skills needed to address transformation challenges.  This can range from mobile development, to specialized technical skills in digital identity, payments, full stack, voice, biometrics, and blockchain. As one client put it, “Prodigy helps us accelerate to critical velocity so we can realize value from digital transformation.”


Our service delivery model is based on co-location, local resources, skills transfer, and flexibility. We can augment your team and skills, or just take on the heavy lifting, to free them up to do the cool stuff.


Our model delivers maximum value to you – the client. Our rates are industry leading for the skills and resources we offer. Prodigy is cost effective, nimble and responsive. Whether it is time and materials work, a fixed price project, or shared risk model, we deliver.


We have an unfair advantage, our parent’s venture builder business. Prodigy Ventures builds apps and platforms with the coolest emerging technologies, keeping us on the leading edge, extending our delivery capability, and enabling us to attract and retain exceptional talent.

Looking for help to connect to the Verified.Me Network?
With Prodigy’s Verified.Me expertise, we are uniquely positioned to support enterprise businesses to achieve value.
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Our Core:
Enterprise Mobile Development Leaders

At Prodigy Labs we are leaders in agile application development, for both iOS and Android, as well as full stack and micro-services for financial services, media and retail. Some of the world’s largest financial institutions rely on Prodigy as a trusted partner, to help them design, develop, test and deploy solutions that are used daily by millions of customers for mobile banking, payments, wallets, loyalty and more. And that is just the beginning. We are active in blockchain, digital identity, biometrics, and voice.
When you pay for your coffee with your Apple Watch, use Siri to pay a bill, stream a TV show to your mobile device, or send a personalized video with a gift, chances are you are using one of our solutions.
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State of the Art for Voice Assistant Applications
Learn what voice assistants are, why they’re relevant and how you can benefit.
Download White Paper: State of the art for voice assistant applications || Prodigy Labs || Voice Services

Our Offerings

Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development Services

As leaders in mobile, full stack and micro-services development, we help businesses design, develop, test and deploy solutions that accelerate their digital transformation.

Develop Mobile App

Accelerating Digital Identity

Accelerating Digital Identity

Enabling rapid adoption of Verified.Me, SecureKey’s digital identity ecosystem, which offers a secure and convenient way to help Canadians verify their identities.

Enable Digital ID

Voice Assistant Development Services

Voice Assistant Development Services

Leverage the full capabilities of your user’s mobile devices, to simplify the user experience and enhance your brand. Learn how we can help you implement Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and more.

Develop Voice App

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication

Simplify your customer’s journey, eliminate the password management hurdle, and increase your mobile app’s usage with biometric authentication.

Simplify Authentication



From development, testing and support, to training and mentoring your own teams, we offer solutions to the very real problem of implementing Blockchain.

Implement Blockchain

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